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11.28.22 - added another little thing to the Pokemon shrine: a list of websites, artists, website resources, and links to other layouts that I don't really know how else to fit into the site, as it is. (also, as it is, whenever I want to add a new attraction, I have to update every page! it gets annoying quickly!)

11.17.22 - I was suddenly possessed by the urge to make character sprites and put them into the weird Pokemon text adventure-thing I had going on. So revamped those pages (again) and gave the girls a bit more to talk about while I was at it. Woo! I also added another page with a couple of random fic recs (misc fandoms).

11.08.22 - This might be horrifically cringy, but I don't care: I remade the Pokemon shrine into a little text adventure-y thing based on Pokemon Emerald. As of now, it's basically just light dialogue and flavor text accompanying you, the reader as you're stuck for the night in a Pokemon Center. There's a magazine corner, some art hanging on the wall, some girls gossiping, an annoyed nurse... More to come (eventually)!

10.30.22 - added some new Pokemon fanart!

10.26.22 - finally made this secret updates box! (I kinda wanna keep this section of the site separate from the rest, but also don't want to bother making a completely different site or anything, y'know?)

Anyway, I added some art and fic recs to both the Hetalia and Pokemon shrines, and finally made the Pokélore page, lol.