Hello! ^^ I don't really know what to say about myself, so I'll just focus on the origin story of this site, yeah? I've been kind of having an existential crisis lately: the model of life that is repeatedly jammed down our throats in (almost) every corner of our lives from childhood involves eventually getting married to your opposite sex partner, settling down, and having kids… but that simply doesn’t apply to homosexuals, for obvious reasons. What does life look like outside of the hypervisual heterosexual model??

To answer this question, I’ve been reading self-published magazines, memoirs, letters, stories, comics, etc, from lesbian and bisexual women from different cultures and time periods to try to piece together some kind of cohesive narrative and see what sorts of paths are out there. And I figured that, since I’m already doing this for myself, I might as well put some of my research out there to share with others and to possibly open up a discussion!