Welcome! Eventually, I hope to write a bit about various topics, generally relating to women's / lesbian history and book reviews. Both women’s history and lesbian history (and so many other intersections of marginalized people) are so easily forgotten and rewritten, so much has fallen out of living memory, and I want to do something about that! That said, I'm not trying to do anything too formal or impartial; I just wanted to share my personal thoughts and notes about these topics. I encourage you to read for yourself and come to your own conclusions, always!

Also, here's my guestbook. Please feel free to send questions, comments, concerns, etc! Other than that, you can always contact me via email or visit my Tumblr. ^^

(Warning: this site will talk frankly about sex and sexuality, and may occasionally contain text or images with sexual themes. Other potentially upsetting content may also be discussed, such as physical and sexual violence.)