Where to Find Books?

Amazon is an evil company. We all know this. I would strongly recommend, if you are in the market to read / buy books, looking somewhere else and avoiding further contributing to the Amazon monopoly. Some options include:

  • checking out your local library. they may also partner with apps like Libby or Overdrive to give you access to ebooks and audiobooks
  • next, look for local bookstores in your area. they’ll always need support! If you live in the United States, this seems like a good resource, along with filters for minority-owned stores, as well!
  • there’s also bookshop.org, which has a pretty decent selection and also supports local bookstores
  • libro.fm is a good alternative for audiobooks: drm-free, donates to whatever local bookshop you choose, etc

Still, especially with older (and older indie) publications, it can be extremely difficult to find legitimate copies, though. And if you do, they tend to go for an excessively high price -- I can’t justify spending $60+ on a book! (Also, I’m kind of just a cheapskate, to begin with…)

Update 11/12/22:

In light of a certain, tragic event, I think it's more important than ever to keep certain websites and resources as underground as possible and refrain from mentioning them by name. This Reddit Wiki will be a great help to you on your journey, though. Be aware that these things are pretty unstable and forever changing. If this specific list ever disappears, you can likely find another one by simply searching around on Reddit. Also, be sure to have adblock installed and use common sense (like not opening random .exe files when you were looking for ebooks). Hope this helps and happy reading! ^^